“What better way to walk through a biographical history of New York City than to walk and ride through this parklike cemetary. Our guide really owns this place, and the pride of ownership quickly pulls you in. The cemetary predates Central Park and all the great parks of NYC. As a result, it is the repository of many of the celebrities and characters that shaped NY in the 19th and 20th centuries. James invites you to meet all his deceased friends, who he brings back to life. The tales capture the slice of life buried here: fascinating, racy, hilarious, provocative and yes, lots of good gossip. Ask questions, beg for more, and James will hit the gas. Cemeteries, unlike museums, have no explanatory videos or signage, so without a guide, the place is beautiful, but lifeless. You really need James here, and at the end of our tour, your bonus is a new friend.”